Are elite bows any good for Archery?


Ever Since Archery has been implemented as one of the Permanent Sports in the Olympics, it has seen a huge growth in other Competitions too. Many Technological advancements have been seen in the Bows ever since. Whether it be a Recurved Bow or be a Compound bow, upgraded versions are available in the market. As Olympics and other major Tournaments allows an Archer only to use the Recurve Bow, advancement in those type are on a Large Scale. But that doesn’t state the fact that Compound Bows are not in use. There are still many places where People love Shooting through Bows for Fun, rather than Competing with others. With Much ease in its usage as compared to the Recurved ones, it was a delight for every Shooter. Even with little Research on Compound Bows, one must have come across so-called ‘Elite Bows’. What are they Exactly? Let’s take a Clear look.

Elite Bows/ Advanced Compound Bows

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Elite Bows are the addition of the till-date ground Breaking Technological advancements in an upgraded Compound Bow. These Elite bows have an advanced Pulley Mechanism which was never thought to be possible to be added in a Bow. But as said, Necessity is the Mother of Invention, it came out to be real. The Main Reason for its manufacturing was to provide ease to the person shooting with Bows and Arrow, for the ones who didn’t wish to enter the Competition, but rather just wanted to Experience how it feels to be without much effort.

Many Online Sites claim different times of their development or basically invention. Some claim it to be in the 2008s, but most of them Stamps the Time in 2012s. But it was 2012 when the Elite Archery Competitions came into Existence. 

Since then, it has been used on a Large Scale, mainly in outdoor Sports in Hunting. Let’s take a look at the features which make it the best choice over any other Compound Bows.

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Features of an Elite Bow

In the past few years, advancements are made in Bows at every Step Possible for attaining maximum Efficiency, getting a smooth shooting experience without any heavy Vibration. And in the past 8-9 years, a new trend came out Tunability!

The Elite Bows resemble all of these Points. 

  1. Elite bows have been designed in such a great way that makes it easy and pleasant to shoot, that too with an additional feature of easy tuning. 

And that’s a Big deal. For those who have been shooting with the Recurved Bows for a decade or so, remember when tuning up their Bows for their Desirable Shots and Trajectory was Arcane, time-consuming, frustrating, Blending Science and a sensation of Panic. Having a Glance through, a whole Book or we can say a ‘Typical Novel’ have been written and Published explaining every mechanism of Tuning, outcomes on different settings, things to be remembered, etc. But due to Technological advancements, better Bows and Strings and their Better Versions of Mechanism can be seen. But still, it requires at least 5 minutes of Minuscule Attention of the One tuning it. 

  1. Easy Tunability is obviously a blessing for those who don’t own Bow Presses or Lack enough Knowledge to perfectly tune it to perfection. 

This is Where the Elites come out to be the Saviour. With just A Torx Wrench, micro-adjustments can be made in the Pitch of the Limbs to get the desired tuning in just a matter of seconds. The Elites calls it a new Technology named S.E.T (Simplified Exact Tuning). The adjustment’s tuning is labeled as ‘tear Left’ and ‘tear Right’ indicating the direction for the turning of the screw to make a proper adjustment while paper Tuning.

  1. Another Advantage of these Bows is their Less Vibration Feedback. If we look at other Compound Bows, we may surely notice its Vibration when shot an Arrow. 

This is because of the Immense Power of the Bow working in coordination with its Mechanical Pulley System, providing a much Far Trajectory Pathway than those Recurved Bows. But here comes the Part where the Elites play their Move. Shooting through an Elite Bow will give its user almost a No Vibration Effect, which allows an Archer an Ease to Hold and Use it without any extra effort for handling its recoil due to the Vibration. This is mainly due to its well-organized Cable network which Absorbs the Impact on releasing the Arrow equally on the Surface, giving a much minimal Outcome. Also as compared to the Compound Bows, these Elites are usually a bit heavier, helping to absorb more shocks than the previous ones.

Compound Bow
  1. It requires a lot of strength to draw back the String along with an Arrow and holding it till the Target’s been Locked and ready to shoot. But only until the introduction of Elite Bows. 

The Pulley and other Mechanical System of these Elites work so well that the wheels on both the ends of bows, handling the cables, absorbs most of the Stress that it feels like once the String is drawn back, it doesn’t want to go back to its initial position, meaning a much less effort and strength by the Archers pulling the string to Hold and Shoot. 

  1. Talking about the main Advantage is its Range and Accuracy. 

Due to its Advanced Technology, it has become easier for an Archer to shoot at a Long Distance with way much Accuracy than the previous Compound ones. For an instance, let’s consider the distance of 77 yards, which is mainly seen in the Olympics. These Bows can shoot almost perfectly without any Arrow Drop with a Much faster speed than the Recurved Bows. Even if the Recurved Bows are widely used in sports, it doesn’t come up with the same Pinpoint Accuracy as the Elites. Archers shooting through Recurved Bows cannot Just Rely upon the Normal Sight included in it as it is not perfect, but rather they have to make their own Adjustments like tilting the Face of their Bows Slightly than the Focus of the Scope, as the trajectory of the arrow can be affected by the Air or some other Factors. But that’s not the case with the Elites. They have a perfect Blend of Speed and Accuracy, meaning almost zero chances of missing his Target due to Wind or other factors. All one needs to do is just place the Dot in Scope on the Target and Release the Drawn Back Arrow. This is the Main Reason why these Elites are Not allowed in any of the Major Competitions.

If it’s coming on to the point of Comfort and Ease, why should one choose Elite Bows instead of the Crossbow? 

Many would have this question because of the Thing the Elites are Compared to. Well, Crossbow is much technically advanced than an Elite Bow with additional features such as its horizontal position, much better mechanism, long-range reach, accuracy, the choice to add an optically more zoomed sight and even if all these are less, then considering an addition of a Trigger, just like the Sniper Rifles. And to admit, it is much easier to use and handle than the Elite. But the Concept of Crossbow is way much far away from the traditional Archery. Whereas, though the Elites are much upgraded versions of Compound Bows, it is still based on the Working of a Traditional Bow, making it a better option for a person taking up Archery than using a Weapon with a Trigger.

Why Elite Bows?

Now, from all of the above points, it is much clear that it is meant for that person who wants to experience the Archery without giving it much more time like a year or so but rather just keeping interested in shooting the Targets with a Bow and Arrows. It is generally meant for casual outdoor Sports or Hunting. Even though Hunting is illegal for sure, these Bows are generally designed for the same purpose. Not for Hunting recklessly in the forest, harming every wildlife on the way, but rather meant for the person living in the woods, where these bows are needed to defend themselves from Hyenas or other wildlife. 

Overall, Elite Bows have an increasing demand in today’s time due to their versatility. Soon, there will be many Elite Archery Events held on a Commercial Level Globally. It can be a great choice for beginners as it doesn’t require one to have extreme knowledge about the concept or Mechanism of the Recurved or the Compound Bows.