Bowling – How to Play and General Questions



The bowling game is the refreshment activity that occurs either indoor or outdoor. The game starts flying colors in the early 20th century. Today 100 Million people are playing the game and over 90 countries are participating in it. About 70 out of 100 million people are from the US alone taking part in the activity. This article is flourished with the needed information that all you able to know bowling sports. There could be separate passages explaining deep about the game and its characteristics. Spend a few minutes to get stuck with the article, the author swears about information accuracy along with curiosity to read.

Bowling Game - How to Play

Before getting deep into, few introductions about the bowling sport is essential. The game includes pins to be knocked down on rolling the balls. The player rolls on the ball in the flat greasy lane that hit the pins arranged. The strike is rated when the ball knocks all the pins down on the first roll. If not the second chance is made to knock all the pins to earn the spare.

Equipment required for bowling game

Definite accessories are required to perform the activity. The weight of the ball and pins play a desperate roll to determine the curiosity to play the game. The lane area must be woody or synthetic and greased with oil besides to enhance the free flow bowling. Either indoor or outdoor bowling game requires almost all equipment to the sport.


Bowling Ball

The bowling ball requires definite weight approved by the bowling game association. The worldwide bowling ball association held notorious rules and regulations to be followed. Based on, the balls vary to the type of game played in. The weight of the ball ranges between 6 to 16 lb and 2.7 to 7.3 kg owing to the size of the holes provided for holding the ball. The differentiation in weight ensures the use of ball respective to the type of bowling game.


Bowling Pins

The size of the pins varies but is generally cylindrical strike by the bowling balls. The bowling sport is classified into two types in pin bowling and target bowling. The former category is played as an indoor game whereas the later one falls under the outdoor category. The former in the pin bowling game is further classified into four types based on the pin size. They are ten pins, candlepin, duckpin, nine-pin, five-pin, Kegel.


Bowling Shoes

The next important piece of equipment that grasps the attention while playing the bowling game is the shoe. The shoes are specially designed or made look like ordinary shoes. The sole of the shoes are divided into sliding foot and non-sliding foot that is rendered made of smooth or flat material and rubber, respectively. Owing to the material used for sole making, the foot acts while bowling. The bowling center rents the shoes hence the player need not own the pair of bowling shoes. The cost of shoe rent is added to the bowling or charged separately, depending on the bowling center.

Bowling Terminology

Following lines are more significant that determines the playing aspects. It is necessary to learn the terminologies used in the bowling sports and any player that intends to play the game ought to know the game terminologies.

  1. Action
    It is the spin on the ball and relative movement of the pins caused by the spin. It is proven that a lot of action is achieved in a slow ball to be more powerful rather the relative fastball with little action. The better result is expected by the way the pins bounce and hit each other.
  2. Address
    The standing position of the bowler before making an action.
  3. Adjustment
    To enrich the effectiveness of the game a change is required in the lane. The change may be the alignment change, equipment change, or other else.
  4. Approach
    This area is the space that extends backward from the foul line. This area enables the bowler to make steps and delivery.
  5. Area
    It is the number of boards that player counts while throwing the ball. The player knocks the pins and get back to the pocket. Well established lane offers 5-8 board area to the player.
  6. Arm swing
    It is the path your arm takes away to release the ball. Make sure you are much consistent in the plane of movement to the arm swing made.
  7. Arrows
    They are the triangles on the lane that help you to aim the shot.
  8. Baby split
    The gap among the pins are split specifically the gap between 2-7 and 3-10 are called baby split. Such splits are easy to pick.
  9. Back end
    The end is more away from the lane where the chance for the hook is more.
  10. Bad rack
    The lack of arrangement of a full set of pins and displaced one or more.
  11. Bagger
    The consecutive four strikes are called baggers.
  12. Balance hole
    There is an extra hole angled among three holes in the ball. The special hole is made to balance the weight of the ball when dissected equal halves.
  13. Ball return
    It is the piece of ball returns after throw.
  14. Ball spinner
    Exactly the machine that enhances the spin of the ball.
  15. Ball track
    It is the area of the lane where the ball rolls.
  16. Big four
    The 4-6-7-10 split.
  17. Blind score
    it is nothing but the average bowler score.
  18. Board
    The area of the lane consists of 39 strips of wood or synthetic material. The player counts the number of boards on every throw.
  19. Clean game
    The term refers to that no open frame is set up in a game.
  20. Conditioner
    It is the oil-like substance used to grease the lane ensures the easy delivery of the ball.
  21. Drift
    it is the inconsistency of the bowler to deliver the throw with his or her sliding foot.
  22. Foul
    Exceeding the foul line or stampede on it considered foul and no points are given to this delivery. Rather the player is given second chance at a new rack.

How to play?

The article will explain how to play the game in an orderly manner. Known as far, Bowling game consists of ten frames and the bowler is to knock down the pins as much as possible. In the case of many bowlers, then every frame is determined before the bowler’s turn. The training will allow the bowler to deliver the ball inappropriate position. Two chance of delivery is given to each player and if not able to knock down all pins then go for the second chance.

Rules to play bowling

The passage will narrate the rules to be followed while playing bowling sport.

  • The basic rule of the game includes knocking all ten pins in a single delivery.
  • A game consists of ten frames. Each frame includes two chances of delivering the ball.
  • The strike is defined as knocking all the pins in a single first throw.
  • Spare is named give to if all the ten pins are knocked with the second ball.
  • A game consists of ten frames. A strike scored in tenth frames earns two more balls to play ahead.
  • Alternately one ball throw is allowed in case of scoring a spare in the tenth frame.
  • Usually, three games are played and scores are calculated as an average of three games.
  • Bowling is the singles or team sport allowed with two athletes and two partners in as a team.
  • Ramping on the lane is prohibited for athlete level players whereas accepted for physically handicapped players.
  • No shoes are recommended for handicaps too. Unless if physically fit he/she should wear shoes.
  • Avoid visiting restrooms and near areas.
  • Making wet and dirt to the shoes is not encouraged but players those do so are prohibited from playing.
  • A proper team sports dress is suggested for the team players.

Types of bowling

There are five different types of bowling are in practice and are most commonly played by players in the world. They are:

  1. 10-pin bowling: most common type being played in the US abundantly
  2. 9-pin bowling
  3. 5-pin bowling
  4. Candlepin bowling
  5. Duckpin bowling


The game tags that points are scored by adding the number of pins knocked by balls in each frame.

The player is awarded bonus points for every strike and spare. Two balls are the bonus offered for strike whereas one for spare. Above all, ten points were gained by the player that hit all the pins at first delivery. Additionally, a couple of balls are added to increase the scoring rate of the player.

As said before, the game if played as doubles the total is calculated by the average of the frame divided by three. Similar to that, if four players involved playing bowling sport the score is rated by calculating the average among four players. Besides the bonuses and awards are included in the team sport and the maximum of 1200 is scored in the team of bowling sport.

The singles and doubles bowling sports have scores highest of 300 and 600 respectively. The score is calculated in a similar procedure in all the categories of the game. The professionals are scoring three strikes in a row to the maximum of 12 strikes at the end of the series.

Familiar sportsperson in the bowling game

Alike other sports, bowling played well by notorious people. Some of the familiar personalities in bowling games are

  • Jason Belmonte
  • Chris Bames
  • Tommy Jones
  • Pete Weber
  • Norm Duke

Below are the General questions in Bowling Game

1.     What is the trick to bowling?

Make sure that you are holding the ball firm and stand straight while swinging the ball to and fro. It is necessary to rotate your hands, fingers, and wrist opposite to the body while swinging the ball. Rotate toward right if the player is left-handed and vice versa in the case of a right-handed player.

2.     How rare is a 300 game in bowling?

It is rare or uncommon to notice anyone that makes 12 strikes in every frame. The highest score that odd one score in a game is 12 strikes consecutively.

3.     What is a 7/10 split called?

The most familiar terminology in Bowling game is the 7/10 split that is termed as ‘’Goalposts’’ or ‘’Bed posts’’.

4.     What are 12 strikes in a row called?

The actual terminology to mention the 12 strikes in a row is the ‘’Perfect game’’. The points scored in a perfect game are 300 at maximum.

5.     How to choose the correct ball weight?

To pick the correct weight bowling ball is purely dependant on the age of the bowler. Beginners may follow the ‘’rule of thumb’’ while selecting the ball. The lighter and adjustable weight the ball is more convenient and flexible the handling of the same. Kids at age 6 opt to choose the ball weighing 6 lb. Youngster or teenager would select the ball weighing according to the age of bowler.

6.     How to maintain a bowling ball?

The easy way tip to clean and maintain the bowling ball is to wipe off the ball between every shot. Use micro tissue paper to wipe the oil on the surface of the ball. This helps keep your ball clean and elegant look. Rack your bowling ball at once you finished bowling session for the day. Never forget to cleanse the ball with a smooth and soft towel to wipe out the surface.

7.     How often should you bake a bowling ball?

It is not recommended unless the bowler cleans the ball between the shots. Once 75 games are completed then it is necessary to proper your ball for cleaning.   

8.     How bowling balls are made? What is inside and outside of the ball made off?

The bowling ball manufacture includes pouring dense material into the core mold. Soon after, less dense material is poured over the pancake-like material to give a definite shape. At last, the core is placed in the mold and a thick cover stock poured around.

9.     How bowling lanes are made?

The lanes of the bowling area are made of wood or synthetic material. The pinewood and maple are involved in lane furnishing. It can be seen that the front and back parts of lanes are made of hard maple whist the middle part is made of pine wood. Distinguishing features are noticed with the lane on analyzing however it is fair to play league matches in the unleveled lanes.

10.  Why do they call it a turkey in Bowling?

The strike that is made three times in a row is called ‘’turkey’’. It is also named ‘’Bagger’’ for four or five strikes in a row.