Can soccer/football players wear glasses?


There are some various ceremonies that players make before entering the pitch: the music, the supplications, kissing the grass, or admiring the sky. 

There are likewise a few guidelines directed by FIFA, that force the footballers to do or not do certain things, for example, the one that forestalls wearing adornments during a match. There is a specific ceremony that isn’t upheld by FIFA: wearing glasses. Truth be told, is hard to see a player, yet also a mentor or an official that wears them during a match. 

Throughout the entire existence of football, notwithstanding, there have been a few players who brought them, making them part of the verifiable stylish account of the game. From the models not intended for sport worn at the 1936 Berlin Olympics to those planned by Nike for Edgar Davids, ergonomic and super-light, the glasses have been said to decide triumphs and aided extraordinary bosses like Kakà or Firmino to not surrender the huge stages.

What FIFA says 

The essential hardware of a football player is gotten comfortable the fourth guideline rule and is made by 5 sections: a pullover or shirt, shorts, stockings, shin protectors, and footwear. For the additional bits of hardware FIFA says: 

“A player may utilize hardware other than the fundamental gear given that its sole reason for existing is to ensure him actually and it represents no threat to him or some other player.” 

There is additionally a section where is stated: “Taking into account the innovation that has made games scenes a lot more secure, both for the wearer and for different players, officials should show resilience while approving their utilization, especially for more youthful players.” 

So it is unequivocally composed that gratitude to new materials, the need for utilizing glasses should not be a hindrance for players, most importantly in the most youthful. Light issues with sight could be adjusted in adulthood, yet there are a few circumstances when specialists endorse the utilization of glasses. 

Plexiglass and effect safe focal points, defensive edges made of the elastic, flexible band to fix glasses and against mist advancements that permit a view in every case clear. Increasingly current and better, they remain and hardware is not all that well known among players. However, throughout the entire existence of football, there were a few players that made their glasses a hero.

The dangers it speaks to for everybody 

The person who is most in peril is yourself. Envision accepting a ball straightforwardly to your face at 70 miles 60 minutes… wearing glasses. Without them, it’s as of now adequately excruciating. Simply envision all the potentially off-base situations. There is a high danger from the glasses breaking and getting them encrusted at you. Your nose can likewise be truly influenced the vast majority of the occasions. You would presumably say, yet what are the odds from the ball hitting my face? 

At the point when you put your glasses on happens what I call: “The face magnet wonder”. The ball never smacks me in the face when I am not wearing glasses, yet abruptly, some way or another, when I put them on, all balls are coming straightforwardly to my face. There is no logical clarification for this. Additionally, you can cause your partners and adversaries to feel awkward. Ordinarily, when I chose to go out and play soccer with the glasses on, they begin to inquire as to whether I could please take them off as they fear hitting me unintentionally. It sounds stupid, yet it thoroughly deconcentrates individuals playing around you, making the quintessence of the game to be lost. This is the reason it is denied to utilize them in an official game if they are not glasses explicitly made for soccer. 

You may think your glasses are firm in your face at present and that they won’t fall during a game. Be that as it may, when the game beginnings and you begin perspiring you won’t feel them as a firm. It is entirely plausible that they fall and get ventured over unintentionally. You will at that point need to cover a significant tab for purchasing new ones.

Sports Glasses 

In any case, past that, it tends to be a costly exercise for you and presents some actual perils – but minor dangers. Sports glasses or defensive goggles are the most ideal approach to a soccer field, for a couple of reasons. 

Polycarbonate focal points are an exceptionally basic component for the individuals who wear sports glasses on a soccer field as they don’t break without any problem. Other than that, you need outlines that are protected and sturdy. 

Another central issue here is that you ought to counsel an optometrist if you believe you may have to utilize glasses on a soccer field. Just to be sure about all the dangers and advantages introduced by it. 

Would players be able to Wear Protective Equipment? 

Players that are getting back to the game in the wake of supporting a physical issue to their face, for instance breaking a cheekbone may wish to secure themselves by wearing a cover. This likewise applies to whatever other insurance that is required. The key significance is that the hardware won’t imperil another player as FIFA states;

Soccer Players Who Wear Glasses  

1. Lilian Thuram

What numerous soccer fans didn’t know is that the French legend had a few issues with visual perception – and that he wore contact focal points on the soccer field. He figured out how to win the World Cup with France. 

2. Kaka

Truth to be outlined, I generally had his doubts about AC Milan and Brazil legend Kaka. There was rarely a second on the soccer field when he didn’t seem as though he was squinting. He wore contact focal points during soccer matches and won numerous prizes at Real Madrid. 

3. Edgar Davids

Dutch soccer player is the one generally answerable for making the defensive goggles in vogue on a soccer field. It helped that the soccer club was managing a European and Serie A hero here, an unmistakable player during an amazing period in worldwide soccer. Regardless of the entirety of his most saving graces as a player, the glasses captured everyone’s attention. 

4. David De Gea

Once among the most sought-after soccer goalkeepers on the planet. A critical component for any goalkeeper is the ability to build up a read for the game both on the safeguard and when transforming the guarthe d into guarantees. Your fringe vision is basic under those conditions. Dea Gea is among those soccer players who need a little assistance with that. We realize he to wear contact focal points when on the soccer field. 

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

He has regularly been seen wearing exhibitions at formal occasions. They make him look rather running on the off chance that we are straightforward with ourselves. That is all the affirmation you require that the Portuguese soccer legend wears contact focal points when he is on the soccer field.


Wearing standard glasses to play soccer isn’t recommendable at all as you run the danger to have a genuine injury and your glasses run a major threat to fall and brake while playing. It could be awkward for different players and it is precluded in official matches to utilize them.

Related Questions 

Is it better to wear glasses or contact focal points in a soccer game? 

The expert players wear contact focal points as they are safer, it is alright for a young player to wear glasses made sure about around the head.