Does Nike make curling shoes?


Nike’s made shoes for Olympians in each game from Olympic-style sports to equestrian riding to weightlifting. So when the organization marked a sponsorship manage USA Curling. Nike knew about the game when they began dealing with the shoes. 

The 2006 Olympic Men’s curling crew went to Oregon to converse with originators, where they illustrated their list of things to get. One of the more noticeable cravings: somewhat more glimmer and shading than the standard curling shoe, which is accessible in any shading you like, as long as it’s dark. 

The outcome is the somewhat sparkling blue of the Zoom Hammer, as Nike named the shoe. 

Mechanically, Nike decided to make the shoe out of engineered calfskin, instead of the regular cowhide utilized in most curling shoes. “We were searching for a material that was hydrophobic, so it wouldn’t get dampness from the ice during a match,” says Hatfield. 

Curling Scraping

For the slider, Nike utilized an unadulterated PTFE plate – a material that is better known as Teflon. It performed incredible sliding across the ice, yet it introduced a few difficulties. 

As you would envision, it’s not the most straightforward thing to cling to different materials in a shoe,” says Hatfield. “We needed to send it out for plasma covering before we could stick it.” 

For little creation items like this, Nike makes the entirety of the shoes at its Beaverton, Oregon grounds. On the off chance that the curling shoe gets placed into creation – the organization doesn’t preclude it – they would then exchange that creation abroad.