GAME OF LIFE (Board Game)- Complete Package of Entertainment?


We are currently in a renaissance of board gaming, with a huge number of new games being delivered each year. Ever since the ‘pandemic and lockdown’ things took place, it was only the presence of board games that had brought all the family members together and made them smile despite the sad reality of the outer world. Table games have made some amazing progress since the four-hour slugfests of Monopoly and Risk that many played as a child. Current table games offer a lot more differed and topical interactivity, fascinating dynamics, and drawing in friendly communication. On the off chance that you are not exactly sure what game to purchase on your next visit to the toy store, then, at that point think about Milton Bradley’s The Game of Life. 

The Game of Life has been around for more than 150 years, and all things considered, a significant number of you keeping interested in board games must have played it. Be that as it may, in the event that you have never played the game and need to discover more about it, then, at this point, read on to get familiar with the game’s set of experiences and the numerous renditions as the years progressed. You’ll likewise get a first-hand survey. 

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Game of Life

From getting in the comfort zone and earning to get on some terrible turn, The Game of Life is a thrilling game for loved ones that will not baffle. 


Considered America’s first famous pre-packaged game, The Game of Life was initially designed by Milton Bradley in 1860. A more current variant, upgraded by toymakers Reuben Klamer and Bill Markham, was presented in 1960. Ensuing changes have been made throughout the long term, bringing about the much-adored game played today. 

Initially, the game took after a chessboard where players arrived on great spots or terrible spots and gathered cash based on the place where they landed. In the republished form, players travel around a game board that takes after a street through life. Since its renewed introduction, the game has been changed somewhat around multiple times. 

Throughout the long term, there have been numerous variants of The Game of Life, including PC games, computer games, and some restricted versions. The accompanying table records a portion of the adaptations that have been accessible throughout the long term.

All about the Game of Life

The Game of Life is a board game that can be played by 2-6 players at the same time. It is recommended for the ages 8 and up. In the Game of Life, the player travels across all the places to achieve success. This game has been developed, keeping in mind the journey of lives of almost every person in the world, moving from college to the working life, which then leads to family life and finally, Retirement.

Throughout the process, one will earn money, make an investment, get a married life and have children, and at last, retire.

Equipment in the GamePack

The Game contains a big rectangular board with an aspect ratio of 4:1. The markings and the Blocks in the board is the main route through which the player has to move it taken throughout the game. Unlike other games where dice are the main source for the movement, the company made a whole new concept by introducing a spinning wheel, deciding the steps to be taken ahead. This system attracted many people as it was kind of unique and fun. There are six different colored small plastic car models, which worked as character pieces for the players. Also, there are Life Tiles that play an important role in the player’s game. A major role is played by the in-game currency notes, which in the end, decides the winner. And lastly, there’s a bunch of cards which are generally needed to get divided into 4 division, namely:

  1. Career Cards
  2. Salary Cards 
  3. House deed Cards 
  4. Stock Cards
Game of Life Car

Game Setup

Let’s see the works that need to be settled before starting the Game.

  1. Life Tiles
    1. Place Life Tiles. LIFE-side up beside the game board.
    2. 4 tiles are needed to be drawn and stacked up at the millionaire Estates.
  1. Cards
    As mentioned previously, the cards are divided into 4 proper divisions. That is into Career, Salary, House Deeds and the Stocks, respectively.
  1. Insurance
    Policies, and the Banks should be placed near the board.
  1. Cars
    Lastly, each player needs to choose a car token and then, they are ready to play.


Every player spins the wheel once before the start of the game, and the one who gets the highest number gets to initiate the game by moving first. And then, everyone gets turn clockwise. However, the first turn in the game is an exception. Because each player has to choose between college life or starting a career, which makes sense. 

Depending on the choice, if player chooses Career, he/she needs to put his car token on the ‘START CAREER’ option on the board. After this, you need to draw a Career Card, and then a Salary Card. And thus, for now, the player is good to proceed in the Game by Spinning and Moving.

On the other hand, if someone chooses College Life, they are required to put their Car token on the ‘START COLLEGE’ option on the board. Now here comes the TWIST! You have to borrow a total amount of $40000 from the Bank in order to complete your education. And thus, the player can proceed forward in the game through Spinning numbers.

If a player has chosen College, they would pass through the Job Space (red box in most editions), he/she needs to draw three cards randomly from the Career Cards and the Salary Cards, and choose only two cards, one from each respectively.

These are the basics which are generally needed to be acknowledged in Game of Life.

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Different Spaces in the Board

There are many blocks in the game, each with its significance. Let’s take a Clear Look at them.

  1. Orange Spaces- Majority on the board. 
  2. Blue Spaces- These Spaces are optional, and their instructions too.
  3. Green Spaces- Payday spaces. Players can collect their Salary when they land or passes through this space. If a player passes such spaces multiple times, they can earn multiple times of their Salary.
  4. Red Spaces- The ‘Stop’ spaces. Players need to stop there, even if the moves are remaining. Player needs to follow the instruction scripted on the Red space and needs to Spin again.
  5. Life Pile- Player gets one Life Card from the Pile. If Pile runs out of cards, the Player can still take it from another player.
  6. Job Search- Once reaching here, player needs to stop, even if he/she have moves remaining. Player is required to Choose 3 random Career Cards, Shuffle them and pick any one, returning the rest. Also required to choose 3 random Salary Cards and Pick one. Then, the player can continue his Game.
  7. Career Spaces- Same concept as the Job Search. Player needs to stop, pick one Career Card and one Salary Card randomly, and then back to the track.
  8. Taxes Spaces- Upon arriving here, players needs to pay taxes only if they are not Accountant.
  9. Police Fines- This one’s kinda Interesting. If anyone among the players is the Police, he gets 5000$ every time from the players who Spin 10 on the wheel as a Speeding Fine. If there is no Police, no fine is required.

Ways to win the Game

The One who Holds the highest money count wins. The Game stops when all the players are retired. Players are required to see the respective Life Tiles they have collected along the way. Each Life Tile Card contains a different amount than the others. So the player should add the amount printed on the Life Tile Cards to their total Fortune collected in the journey. In the end, the one who owns the largest sum of Money wins the Game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Should One Choose College Life in the very Beginning with handling a debt of $40,000?

College Life will provide you a job and Salary in the Future for sure but you will be in debt. On the other hand, a Career will not cost you any debt from the bank, but there is no uniformity of receiving money and sometimes you get a steady income too. Both Sides have their Pros and Cons.

Q2. How much money is handed to each player at the beginning of the Game?

A sum of $10,000 is provided to each player by the Bank at the very start of the Game.

Q3. How long does the Game usually Last?

Well, The game time can range from 45 minutes to 2-3 hours, based on your spinning Luck.

‘Game of Life’ can be a very worthy gift for a child, whether he/she be a kid or a teenager. It can help them to learn more things about business at an early age with lots of Fun excitement, which can pay them to experience in a Long run of LIFE.