How can I increase shot hitting power in Cricket?


In this advanced cricket, the vast majority of the crowd is intrigued more to watch T-20 cricket. What’s more, the notoriety of this organization is expanding step by step. This configuration engages the crowd on each bundle of the match. They appreciate seeing the batsmen hitting enormous sixes against bowlers and send it to outside the arena. It’s looking extremely basic however actually it’s troublesome.

Cricket Power shot

A batsman needs to rehearse a great deal to hit enormous sixes in the match. In the Indian Cricket crew, some best models hit large sixes are Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandey, and Virat Kohli. In T-20 cricket if you can hit top dogs, at that point, you have an effective profession. If you are confronting issues in hitting top dogs, at that point, this blog must be useful for you. today will share a few hints which can assist you with expanding your hitting power in Cricket.

Main factor resulting in the power of the shot

Cricket bat holding

Hitting amazing shots is a consequence of simple commitment towards the game. Not just by expanding biceps and rear arm muscles you can hit large sixes, it requires expertise and timing as well. So a few focuses you should deal with.

1. Average the ball

Try to center the ball. Timing is all-important. First practice your shots for quite a while, in the wake of rehearsing over and over you will have the option to pass judgment on speed, line, and length of the ball. What’s more, it will help you in timing the ball well.

2. Routine Exercise

Hitting power not simply originates from your hands it originates from your entire body. You must be genuinely fit, your weight ought to be similarly adjusted.

3. Position

Your position is similarly as significant as different things in cricket. You need to adjust your weight, head consistently is kept above shoulders (To watch the ball cautiously).

4. Certainty

Confidence is the key. At the point when you want to, you can.

5. Mental Fitness

Mental wellness isn’t the key thing yet it is the factor influencing that. So you must be arranged truly just as intellectually.

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Follow Top Five Tips to Increase Hitting Power

Cricket Shot hitting

1. Backlift

Backlift is the absolute first and significant thing that you should improve if you need to hit hotshots. Since without legitimate Backlift you can’t hit big cheeses in cricket. On the off chance that you are batsmen, at that point raise your bat as the bowler draws near. No compelling reason to raise the bat superfluously because the bat should descend quickly before the ball approaches you.

Raise a bat wherein you feel great. The heading of your bat must be open towards the subsequent slip. At the point when you lift your bat, the front shoulder must be moved down. Your head must be still since it will assist with deciding on the line of the ball. Your hands ought to be near your back hip. It’s not necessary that on the off chance that you raise bat, at that point you can hit hotshots it relies on your downswing and bat speed. This is the correct procedure to improve your back lift now you have to rehearse a great deal to expand hitting power in cricket.

2. Footwork

These strategies are useful at the hour of changing the backlift. The fundamental intention of utilizing footwork is to move the heaviness of the body according to the ball. Prior we use to see batsmen utilizing their footwork against turn bowler yet now in current cricket, numerous batsmen effectively use footwork against quick bowlers.

Footwork is the second significant thing for hitting hotshots in cricket. A batsman with great footwork can hit and time better. These are some significant part to focus on it since it will assist you with expanding hitting power.

3. Use Pace of The Ball

It’s a straightforward thing however it impacts enormously on your hitting capacity. Utilizing the movement of the bowler demonstrates that you are an incredible batsman. Generally, it will help you against quick bowlers to utilize the movement of the ball to hit large sixes. It’s exceptionally troublesome yet trust me, if you ace it you can effectively hit each ball out of the arena. You can’t thoroughly rely on the movement of the ball. 

You need to produce your movement to make it simpler. This is a brilliant method to play cricket in current cricket. Since as a batsman you should realize each stunt identified with hitting power. It requires some investment to create this capacity yet practice makes a man awesome.

4. Timing

This is a significant viewpoint each batsman must figure out how to improve timing in cricket. Without timing, you can’t hit, a ball in cricketket the off chance that you believe that you are a weight lifter and can hit effectively big cheeses, it’s unrealistic without timing. In cricket, it doesn’t make a difference that you are a tough individual or fit individual since hitting capacity relies on the circumstance of the ball. 

Batsmen with great planning don’t need the ability to hit top dogs in cricket. It relies on the contact of the ball on the correct point. It’s troublesome each batsman doesn’t have great planning. It doesn’t originate from one day to rehearse. You have to rehearse it day by day to improve your planning. An ideal case of a batsman who has the capacity for great planning is Sachin Tendulkar.

5. Eye on Ball

Cricket Eye on the ball

Watching the ball is the absolute first beginning stage of learning to bat In our online journals, we composed various occasions of watching the ball since it’s a significant part of batting. You should watch the ball in bowlers’ grasp till it hit the ball. It sounds extremely basic yet as a general rule, numerous batsmen battle in watching the ball.

You have to improve the capacity to zero in ready and increment your batting certainty. Attempt to confront a lot of conveyances by and by meetings to improve your emphasis ready. At the hour of batting, you have to keep your eyes level. On the off chance that conceivable, at that point you can attempt to utilize some various methods and drills to prepare yourself to build center around the ball.


As audience people love to see big shots being shot all around the ground. Hitting power shots includes several important factors like timing and dedication towards the game.