How long is a curling ice playing surface?


The ‘sheet’ is 138 feet in length by roughly 14 feet wide.

The Basics 

Curling is played inside a curling arena on a playing surface of ice called a ‘sheet’ with rock Rocks. The objective of the game is after every one of the 16 Rocks is played (8 by each group), to have a Rock of your group’s nearest to the focal point of the house, called the ‘tee’ This is cultivated by sending your Rock to rest in scoring position by using one of the numerous shots.

A portion of these is (a ‘draw’), by taking your adversary’s Rocks out of scoring position (a ‘takeout’), and by guarding your Rocks with others. The group with the nearest Rock to the ‘tee’, inside the house, scores a point, or more on the off chance that they additionally have the second nearest Rock, etc. Each round is called an ‘end’ and comprises two Rocks conveyed by every player in every four-player group. The Rocks are conveyed from the hack on one side of the sheet to the house on the contrary side. This consists of the player leaving from the hack with the Rock and delivering it with a curl, or ‘curl’. 

Curling Arena

The Curling Rink 

The playing surface played on in a round of curling is ice. The ice playing surface is known as a ‘sheet’ and is inside a ‘curling arena’. The ‘sheet’ is 138 feet in length by roughly 14 feet wide. The fundamental highlights of the sheet are the ‘House’, the ‘Hack’, the ‘Hog Line’ and the ‘Tee Line’. The ‘Hack’ is the place where one conveys or throws the Rock. The ‘Hog Line’ is the line that one should deliver the Rock before during Delivery of the Rock, and the line at the opposite finish of the ice that one Rock should pass to be considered in play. The scoring region – the ‘House’ – comprises three concentric rings, 4, 8, and 12 feet in the distance across. The little circle at the focal point of the house is known as the catch, and the focal point of the catch is the tee. The unmistakable regions are set apart under the ice surface by utilizing either paint or lace.