How many players are there in a team of Lagori?


Lagori is a team sport that developed in India’s southern states. The sport is only played for fun, and it is a popular playground pastime. Pittu Garam is one of the several names for the sport (meaning 7 stones). 

Lagori is a game in which two teams compete against each other using seven stones and a rubber ball. Each team has a minimum of three players and a maximum of nine. Each side has nine chances to knock down the vertically stacked stones from a distance of around 20 feet, with three players taking three attempts each. If one side fails to knock down the stones, the next team is given the opportunity to throw.

If the throwing team knocks the stones down, the team’s goal is to re-stack all seven stones. The defensive team’s goal is to hit any member of the throwing team below knee level with the ball. The defensive team is not permitted to run with the ball and must instead pass the ball between players to move it. 

If the attacking team stacks the stones first, they earn a point and get another chance to throw the ball. There is a change in possession if the defensive team can strike a player below the knee first. 

There are no set rules for the number of players or the length of the matches. Matches are often played for a set number of points ranging from 7 to 10.

Lagori’s History (Seven Stones) 

Lagori is an old game that dates back to the time of the Bhagavata Purana, almost 5000 years ago, and it describes Lord Krishna and his friends playing Lagori. This sport has been practised for over five millennia. In the 1990s, this was a popular outdoor game in India and Pakistan.

Lagori’s Rules (Seven Stones) 

  1. A game in which two teams of equal players compete (3-7 players each). 
  1. Each team is given a chance to throw the ball and knock down the stones; if one team (throwing team) fails, the opportunity is passed to the next team (defensive team). 
  2. Keep a 15- to 20-foot distance between Lagori and the players. 
  3. If the throwing team knocks down the stones, the defensive team tries to restore the stack while the throwing team tries to hit the defensive team’s players with the ball. 
  4. Players on the defensive team should strike their opponent’s (throwing team) player below the knee level.
  5. Players on the defensive team are not allowed to run with the ball, but they are allowed to pass it to other teammates. 
  6. To declare victory, the throwing team must collect the stack and yell the game’s name, “Lagori.” 
  7. The defensive team must hit the opposing team’s player in order to win.

Lagori: How to Play 

Lagori is a game in which two teams of three to seven people compete against each other. Lagori is a game in which the ball is used to hit a pile of seven stones. Each side has three chances to knock down the stone stack, with each player having three chances. 

If one team is unable to knock it down, the following team will be given the opportunity. After the throwing crew has knocked down the stones, they must reconstruct them. 

The defensive team’s goal is to hit the players with the ball below their knees. 

If the throwing team is successful in reassembling all of the stones, they win. The defensive team, on the other hand, will win if they can hit a player.