How many sticks does Gilli-danda use?


Gilli Danda is played with two wooden sticks. The one stick is called “Gilli,” and it is a little stick that measures roughly 3 inches in length. The other stick is a huge one named “Danda,” which measures around 2 feet in length. To put it another way, the Danda is a bat that should be thinner at the end.

Procedure To Play Gilli Danda

When playing Gilli Danda, two teams or two players should be present. After that, the players will be divided into two equal-sized teams. The winning team decides whether to bat or field at the time of the coin toss. The hitter team is the one that chooses the bats, while the opponent team is the other. 

If you wish to play Gilli Danda, you must bring two sticks. Gilli refers to the small stick, while Danda refers to the long one. The Gilli will then be thrown into the air by a striker who is also the batsman, using the Danda. When the Gilli is in the air, the striker uses the Danda to strike it again.

The goal of the game is to strike the Gilli as many times as possible. In addition, the Gilli wishes to fly to the highest possible altitude. At the same time, if an opponent’s fielder catches the Gilli while it is in the air, the striker will be declared out. 

Assume that the Gilli lands anywhere on the playing surface. The Danda is used to keep the distance between the Gilli and the striking area or striking circle under control. 

Danda is believed to be the same duration as one run in general. At the same moment, the strikers should both score the same number of runs, which will keep the Danda at bay.

Assume that the batter, referred to as a striker, is unable to hit the Gilli. You have two more chances to whack the Gilli and get it to fold away a reasonable distance. 

In a nutshell, you have three chances in a row. It is a loss if you do not hit the target. After all of the first team’s strikers have been eliminated, the second team, which is the opponent team, enters the race with the score of the first team as strikers.

Gilli Danda: Game Rules

Would you mind going over the basic rules for playing Gilli Danda? 

Gilli Danda will be played by two teams of equal members, as is customary. You can even go one-on-one. 

When the game begins, two teams of equal members play at the same time. As a result, the team that won the toss must now pick whether to bat first or field first. 

The hitting will be declared a loser if the batter misses. You will be given three chances.


Two wooden sticks are used to play Gilli Danda. “Gilli” is the name of one of the sticks, which is a small stick that measures around 3 inches in length. The second stick is a massive one known as “Danda,” which is about 2 feet long. To put it another way, the Danda is a bat whose end should be slimmer.