How to Play and General Questions – Cricket?



How to Play Cricket?

Club ball games are categorized as badminton, tennis, Squash, Golf, Hockey, etc. Whereas the Cricket is one among the club ball games played in the extended ground with the pitch in the center. The pitch is the area where the two wickets, theoretically known as the players, defend the ball will be standing on either end. The key role of the player is to defend the ball proceeding towards him and prevent hitting the bails guarded by 3 stumps.

  • Cricket is the bat and ball game that includes two teams comprises of eleven players each.
  • The pitch is located in the center of the ground and players (batting team) are intended to play in the pitch to score runs.
  • However, the bowling team spread around the ground to pick the wicket as quickly as possible.
  • The batting team allows two players initially that are stand on either side of the wickets guarding the bails and stumps.
  • The bowling team keeps bowling at the player the same will hit the ball towards boundary.
  • At no cost, the player should allow the ball to hit the bails that are supported by stumps. If so the bails are dislodged, the player is announced as ‘’bowled’’ or ‘’out’’.
  • Rather being bowled, the player also wicked once the ball was caught by any of the fielders in the ground. Unless the ball caught without hitting the ground, the player is announced as ‘’out’’.

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Classification of play format

Based on the number of overs thrown per innings, the cricket match is classified as
1. test match
2. one-day international match
3. twenty 20 matches
and many more.

Unlike test match, other categories are done within a day whereas the test match is conducted as two long innings with unlimited over. Test match held for five days with unlimited overs and each team supposes to play two distinctive innings. The game continues unless the chasing team leads the target or loses its ten wickets. Players appear all-in-white to participate in the match.

Apart from the test match, One day international conducted including fifty overs per innings. This category follows the players to complete the match with single innings each team. The chasing team should lead the target within fifty overs and ten wickets. If not they lead the target the pro-batting team is declared to be won. Players wear team or club recommended outfits of varying colors.

Twenty 20 matches are recently started playing with twenty overs per innings. Resembling rules alike other play format but the game lasts a few hours alternatively. Players appear in recommended club colors outfits. Similarly, day and night games are held occasionally following the board of cricket recommendations.

Though the play format varies with change in several overs committed to play, the rules and regulations are quite similar to all categories. Phenomenally, two umpires report at the ground level to mark the wicket and the third umpire takes a position on request from the ground to declare the wicket of the player.

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Cricket Field with Players
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Scoring strategy in cricket

Games are played for the sake of score or points and in case of cricket, it is the runs tagged as a score in the scoreboard. In the early days, scoring carried out using carving notches in the wooden stick. Colloquially, they are termed as ‘’Notches’’ rather runs instead. Recently the scoring method is modified by replacing the scorer that monitors the innings of every batsman.

The ultimate role of scorer includes notifying the runs scored by the batsman, number of balls the batsman faced, run rate of every batsman, the score of team after falling of every wicket, etc. Possibly the scorer also monitors the number of balls bowled in every innings, case of any ‘’No balls’’ or ‘’Wide balls’’ thrown, etc.

The scorer co-ordinates with the umpire in the field and makes note of runs that are not credited to the batsman. Umpire in the field makes signals intimating the runs as extras that are not credited to the batsman. In that case, those runs are added as team scores but not accredited to the batsman, again.

Score sheets

Scorers make use of simply the white paper to make note of the score details as said above. But also they use the pre-printed papers that are easy to note down the run scored by each team. The updated version includes the digitalized score sheets that help the scorer to mention additional information related to the match.

Mistakes done by the scorer in evaluating the runs scored by the batsman but it is possibly re-corrected even at the end of the event. Unlike those mistakes committed by the umpire, scorers are secured by correcting their mistakes. This is not possible for an umpire to correct his mistakes though committed rarely.

Popular places for the game

Central figured ground is more auspicious for playing cricket. No wonder about open space is more than enough to play the game. Even the game is not a national game; it is being played all around the world. No one would come across their childhood without playing cricket. Every one of us has sweet memories about our childhood matches played in the roads, school grounds, etc. Above all, it is miraculous that cricket admired most of us irrespective of the area of location either rural or urban, metropolitan or cosmopolitan, etc.

The most favorite and popular places are proven well accomplished and suitable for watching cricket. Some of the popular places are listed out here for the ease of the readers. Hopefully, these places are located all around the world.

Lord’s London

The traditional ground is being utilized for conducting cricket matches. Historically significant ground owns memorable cricket games that had been playing well in the ground. The Lord’s cricket stadium is located in London has completed 200 years and is also known as ‘’Home of Cricket’’. The capacity of the stadium is about 30,000 ensuring a clear view of the match any point of placement.

MCG, Melbourne

The MCG is abbreviated as Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest cricket stadium that holds the capacity of about one lakh spectators. Historically special events of cricket are held at the MCG paying more attention to the stadium. The ground was established in 1854 paid with a tribute of several monarchies in cricket history. One among those is that the first test match between Australia and England held at MCG.

Eden’s garden, Kolkata

The largest stadium in the world that is larger than the MCG is the Eden’s Garden in Kolkata. The capacity of the stadium is around 1, 10,000 spectators. The stadium owns the historical importance first test match in 1939 held between England and South Africa. This longest test match was held up to 9 days and was considered the longest match ever since in the Cricket History.


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General Questions

Who is the father of cricket?

W. G. Grace is considered as the father of cricket.

Who is the cricket king?

‘’Virat Kohli’’ is the new king of cricket. 8 out of 10 results assure him to be the new king of cricket.

 Who started cricket?

It was England that started Cricket very first in the 18th century. Later the game developed up to a recent level.