How to Play and General Questions – Football/Soccer?

Learn Football

Football is also known as the soccer game that is played between two teams comprised of eleven players each. The counts of players may vary up to 18 as its maximum number but most commonly 11 players are involved in international tournaments.
The game utilizes a spherical ball measuring 68 – 70 cm and the game falls under the club ball game list.

Rules of the game

The laws of the game involve rules that frame the path of the game. At the end of the game, one of the two teams will be the winner and the other the runner. Sometimes both teams score an equal number of goals resulting to declare the game a draw. The laws of the game are updating every year indicating the development of the soccer/football game.

What is the goal?

The game involves scoring goals and the team that scores a maximum number of goals declared as the winner. To explain in detail, the goal is nothing but passing the football to the other team’s goal post. The players of both teams struggle to defend the ball reach the goal post.

How to Play Football?

Instructions to play football

Football games aspired by basic rules that every player or beginner needs to learn. To begin with, the basic requirements to play the game are listed out as follows:

Soccer Football Game Info
  • The spherical ball measuring up to 70 cm.
  • Team of eleven players
  • The referee that guides the games stands common
  • Sports shoes
  • Goalposts on either side of the pitch
  • Pitch or the ground to play the game

Beginners or students are prone to follow basic instructions or rules before getting into a playground. The most important and fundamental thing is to take control of the ball. The basic step in football is that the player gets a master’s in ball control. The tedious and frustrating task needs to complete before entering the pitch.

Ball control

This is a very important trick that the player masters in playing a soccer game. The player should get trained in controlling the ball in the pitch. This basic skill finds an indispensable position in the learning session of football/soccer. The ball control includes four types of skills or control over the ball.

The football guide teaches the beginners all about the ball control and how to handle the ball in the pitch. Once the player developed his/her skill in controlling the ball then the player can do magic and gimmicks with the soccer/football in the pitch.

Types of ball control

Generally, there are four types of ball control in a soccer game. They are:

  1. Lace
  2. Inside
  3. Outside
  4. Sole

Players are taught well regarding all the four types of ball control. A football coach or guide may provide tips to learn these steps. Beginners must show equal interest in learning these tricks as that of gaming in pitch.


This is the next important skill that the player ought to learn in deep about playing football/soccer. Dribbling is nothing but moving the soccer ball all around the ground or pitch and defending the ball at the same time. Dribbling requires taking possession over the soccer ball. The football player must develop his/her skills in this particular trick.

Soccer Football Dribble

Possibly more time of practice alone fetch the improved skills of dribbling. Focused concentration and the proper usage of foot parts help dribbling performed well. It is up to the wellness of the coach to teach or train the players well with the dribbling as most advanced players are losing the effectiveness of dribbling in the ground.

Importance of dribbling

Dribbling includes ball possession in the field by the player. Only the skillful player dribbles well in the field to defend the ball from other players. A player may use their arms, body, knees while dribbling the soccer ball. Once the player managed to dribble the football in the field then it is easy for the same to pass the ball to the goal post.

Despite using the sole, inside or outside of the foot, it is better to use the lace while dribbling the soccer ball. Coacher helps learners well trained in basic skills of soccer but unfortunately, most of the players fail to exhibit excellence in dribbling. It is important and more hours of practice need to gain excellence in dribbling.

Tricks to achieve excellence

Players are focused to use their arms, body, knee, and legs while dribbling in pitch. Positions of arms, raising the knees, body posture helps a lot dribbling. Players maintain rigid body posture as that of the athlete while performing dribbling. Place foot helps in balance ball rather than losing its possession.

Once the player expertise in dribbling, passing the ball stands ahead to concentrate and well trained. This ball passing is the third trick or the basic skills of soccer games.


This skill is very simple to practice but seeks focused training to get excellence in the same. It is proven widely about the best soccer players performing best passing tricks. However, passing includes three types that are required at different periods of the game. Coachers will also train how to load the best pass-by in the soccer game.

Types of passing

Three types of passing are included in a football/soccer game. The article will describe those types shortly.

Football Pass
  1. Standard pass
    This is the passing technique that is used to pass the soccer ball on the ground. Standard pass is used more often in the game and inside of the foot is used to pass the ball.
  2. Lofted pass
    This is the long pass of the soccer ball across the ground. This pass is carried out by the knuckle area of the toe and kick from the bottom of the soccer ball. Avoid producing more power while kicking which ultimately converts the pass to shot.
  3. Chipped pass
    This is the third type that is quite similar to the lofted pass but differs only that the ball swings in the air at a longer time. It is up to the player’s concern to use either type of lofted pass or chipped pass appropriately. Though two passing types are similar in some aspects, it is required to train well in both the passes individually. Only then the player knew the significance of pass and the timing of use whilst amidst of game.


This is the final but most important trick or skill that ought to develop to learn excellence in a soccer game. Avoid kicking the ball in the air rather kicks off low in the ground to the corner and upper 90 of the goal post. This helps to earn more goals out of ten shots continuously.

Football Shoot

Kicking the ball to the top corner of the goalposts annoys the goalkeeper to prevent or defend the ball from reaching the goal. Also, three main facts are necessarily taken into consideration are the height and width of the goal post, distance, and accuracy in kicking the ball and the position of the goalkeeper.

The basic rules are once learned to excellence may drag a player to goals successfully. Besides some other important rules might help to earn the number of goals in the soccer game and that is achieved with the excellence of the coacher.

General Questions

What is foul in soccer?

The Soccer game may find with foul act amidst of playing. This is the mischievous behavior of the player that is punished with the award of a free-kick to the opposing team. The free-kick is awarded on behalf of the referee in other words referee punishes the player that went on unfair act amidst of game.

Foul is common but not more frequent in the soccer game. Appropriately, nine different fouls are listed out in the Soccer game. Probably, the act of violence conducted by the player against the opponent in any manner is considered as foul. This violence involves making a harmful charge to the opponent, kicking them vigorously in a dangerous position, etc.

Not the chances of kicking but also tripping, jumping, trying to strike the opponent, pushing, holding the opponent violently may be included in the list of the foul. Holding the ball in hands, supported by the body are also included in the foul. The player that underwent in either of the act of misbehavior is rendered to announced as foul play and punishable by the referee.

What soccer position is the hardest?

While talking about Soccer, leaving behind the role of the goalkeeper is injustice rendered to the position. Goalkeeping is the most tedious and tough job and the goalkeeper is in the stress situation both physically and mentally. Midfielders in the center position are the next important and hardest position in the Soccer standing behind the goalkeeper. They are paid ransom money in recent years that made headlines, too. However, the goalkeeper is the key player in soccer.

It is the midfielders who get the ball most of the time and run hard and faster at all times of the game. Hence paid attractively at the same time the goalkeeper is the heart of the game that tackles the techniques defending the goal by the opponent player. They are the pace of the sport involved in the prevention of goals.

Can you push in Soccer?

Pushing means charging the co-player in the opponent team while in the game. Soccer involves or includes the rule not to push or kick man but to kick the ball without the help of the body or arms. Eventually, it may happen to occupy the ball from an opponent or to chase the same by the defender team. Unless it happens the player is not supposed to charge the opponent with hands or body but it is allowed as shoulder-shoulder among players rather any other parts of the body. Leaving behind, there is no rule allowing the push in soccer but it is punished with the penalty.

Where soccer is the most played?

Soccer is most popular all around the world and being played with cherish to sport rather than any sportive ethics. The game includes less expensive to invest in shorts, T-shirts, football boots, etc but more common among the league player, amateur players in the streets and parks. The game finds its roots in Northern and Southern Europe, Central and South America but being played in the streets of the local area of any part of the world, too. Proper board of club is in charge of rules offside, foul play and handball and all but the same does not apply to the street players and those who arrive parks to spend time with soccer. Even the kids do play the Soccer as the start-up practice.

What does a Red card mean in Soccer?

Yellow and red cards represent the disciplinary action against the player for his/her misbehavior. The red card is issued when a player is warned twice in the field for his/her misconduct. This card denotes the dismissal of a player from the field and the referee issues the card.

Can a Referee get a Red card?

It is the referee that can issue a red card to the players but not the vice versa. No moment will propose issuing a red card to the referee. The referee is the official third-person powered to issue yellow or red cards as a disciplinary action.

Can a referee score a goal in a Soccer/Football?

Not exactly the referee can score a goal but often the ball bounces off or deflected bouncing referee and get into the goal post. It is declared as a goal but not scored by the referee. Occasionally, the goalkeeper may kick off the ball directly into the opponent’s goal post that eventually awards to a penalty kick.

Is there a black card in soccer?

The black card is issued in soccer to replace the player by a substitute. Official black card followed by the yellow one implies the dismissal of the player. Hence, the black color card is there in the soccer game. Beyond this, the purple color card is also issued implying a ban of three consecutive matches further.

What are the 17 laws of soccer?

The important laws of soccer that beginner and consistent player ought to learn ever are:

  1. The field of play
  2. The ball
  3. The number of players
  4. The player’s equipment
  5. The Referee
  6. The assistant referee
  7. The duration of the match
  8. The start and restart of the match
  9. Ball in and out of the play
  10. Method of scoring
  11. Offside
  12. Fouls and misconduct
  13. Free kicks
  14. The penalty kick
  15. The throw-in
  16. Goal kick
  17. Corner kick

The above are the important laws of soccer that are necessarily followed in soccer. Players are taught about the laws at the very beginning.

Is cricket more popular than soccer?

There is no rivalry among the fans of soccer and cricket. Though cricket is watched passionately all over the world, it is the soccer that earned much fan following and estimated as 3.5 billion viewers are watching league matches of soccer. Hence, Soccer is more popular than cricket.