How to play Lakhoti?


Lakhoti is one of the most popular Indian games, largely played by boys across the country. It has a wide appeal among people of all ages. In the north, it is known as Kanchey, and in the south, it is known as Golli Gundu. Marbles are used in a variety of games all around the United States.

How to Play: 

Marble can be used in a variety of games. A circle measuring around 2-3 feet in diameter is drawn in the ground with a stick or a stone in one of the popular marble games. To begin the game, each player provides two marbles. All of the marbles are gathered in the circle’s centre. A line is drawn around three feet away from the hole to determine the players’ turns. The players take their places on the second line and attempt to throw their marbles into the hole. First to play is the player whose marble is closest to the hole, followed by the second closest, and so on.

The players take turns shooting the marbles to play the game. The player shoots by holding the marble tautly in the left hand’s forefinger, then stretching the finger back like a bowstring with the right hand’s forefinger, and lastly releasing the finger so that the marbles fly forward. The left thumb should always be firmly planted on the ground. Players take turns removing marbles from the circle. The marbles that were knocked out of the circle are theirs to keep. When there are no marbles remaining in the circle, the game is over. The game is won by the player who has the most marbles.


When it came to striking the marbles, there were a few tricks up one’s sleeve. The guy hitting had to focus on the set target marble (among the marbles inside the circle) from a distance in earlier versions. He used to focus with one eye closed and hit with the other. A little hole will be dug up in another variation on levelled flat ground. Then, about two yards out from the hole, a position will be taken. Kneeling down, the player will attempt to send the marble into the hole using a different strategy than the previous one. The marble has to be gripped strongly with the left hand’s fingertip. Then, using the forefinger of your right hand, stretch the finger back. The marble moves forward as the finger is removed, frequently crossing the hole. The marble thrown by the other boy must be struck out of the path. Alternatively, force the other marble into the hole with a gentle blow with one’s marble. Then it’s the opponent’s turn to strike the goli of the other person. The first person to get all of the golis into the hole is the winner.


After the marbles are collected in the centre of the circle, the other players choose which marble will be hit in a variation of the game. If the player hits the targeted marble, all of the remaining marbles in the circle are his. With the other players, the game continues in a similar manner.


The game of marbles helps players improve concentration, hand-eye coordination, and aiming/targeting skills while also developing mathematics and motor skills. It also allows people to mingle and have fun while also encouraging healthy competitiveness.