Is BCCI Richer than ICC?


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the administering body for cricket in India. The board was framed in December 1928 as a general public, enrolled under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act.

BCCI Dominating the market


As much you attempt to reprimand the BCCI, the primary concern is they have the might and the cash. Or then again will we say the might is because of the cash. The reality today is global cricket cannot get by on the monetary front without BCCI’s assistance. They contribute practically 80% of the Cricket’s worldwide pay. It appears to be that the BCCI has a Midas contact since whatever they do (or don’t do in a couple of cases) they bring in gigantic cash. It is hard to acknowledge that there was a period when the Indian load up was not even ready to pay their cricketers on schedule. However, how did that transformation happen and what are the variables that add to such money related ability of the BCCI.

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Reasons Why BCCI is richer than ICC

IPL – The turning Point

The pivotal turning point came when in 2008 the Indian Premier League or IPL began and the BCCI began to mint enormous pieces of cash. It was not as though the Indian board was any less a budgetary power previously yet IPL changed the force conditions in World Cricket too. The mix of Bollywood and Cricket was acknowledged with great enthusiasm by the Indian public which implied arenas being full and Television sponsorship taking off in a significant way. The IPL likewise achieved a more prominent extension for corporate cash streams and business goliaths looking into Cricket undeniably more than they did before. Following 7 fruitful years, the worthwhile money rich group has guaranteed that India is a business superpower in world cricket.

The Fans

Anyway, unpredictable or outrageous feelings they show (Indian fans) you can wager that every time there is an India coordinate getting viewership won’t be an issue. Australia and England are essentially acquainted with seeing more Indian fans in the stands than the local allies during an unfamiliar game for India. While in India there is essentially no match. These fans achieve a significant part of the BCCI’s monetary records and contribute to keeping up the brand picture of the board in the publicizing scene. Cricketers like Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni charge Rs 8-10 crore a year for support, which is generally because of the way that cricket implies eyeballs. This environment sees cash pouring in and the outcome is the BCCI’s numero uno status among the sheets of cricket-playing countries.

Massive money from TV rights

Over a time of 40 days from Oct 1 to Nov 10, 2014, Pakistan played Australia in a cricket arrangement in various urban communities in the Persian inlet. These are two of the top groups in world cricket. The TV sponsorship that the PCB had the option to haggle for the whole 40-day visit was around 3 Million USD. Sony’s TV sponsorship for an IPL season which incorporates around 60 matches is approximately 180 Million USD for example each match goes for around 3 Million USD. Star India’s TV sponsorship bargain for International cricket matches including India and played in India works out to around 8 million USD per coordinate. Take a gander at that indeed – a multi-day visit merits equivalent to One match which keeps going around 4 hours and is around 2/fifth of One worldwide match including India.

BCCI’s monopoly

An extraordinary level of trade additionally results from the way that BCCI faces no opposition with other market powers. In a nation where most different games battle to get by, the BCCI should be cheered for in addition to the fact that self-being adequate for being perhaps the most extravagant game bodies on the planet. The BCCI helps the ICC get rewarding sponsorship bargains for the World occasions all credit to its clout and impact over the market. None of the players around the world have brand esteem practically identical to the Indian heavyweights. That enables the BCCI to keep up its budgetary situation in the realm of publicizing.

Jagmohan Dalmiya’s contribution

The consistent assessment among cricket specialists for the board’s present budgetary standing is the business keenness of Jagmohan Dalmiya. It was Dalmiya’s choice to open games broadcasting to private divers in the nation. This implied more cash for the game and players. Dalmiya’s virtuoso was in welcoming private telecasters ready, however in the circumstance as well. He started this mission when cricket began filling in ubiquity and by the last part of the 1990s, it was at its pinnacle. He was instrumental in bringing the ICC Cricket World Cup to India in 1987 and afterward again in 1996, even though it was not the sub-mainland’s turn.

BCCI as an intimidating and mesmerizing cricketing body

The essential purpose for that is straightforward undoubtedly. India’s gigantic populace is that answer. India by a wide margin is the most populated nation to be a significant partner for the game. With 1.2 billion cricket fans in India, the game will undoubtedly get more extravagant to a goliath degree on account of the Indian crowds alone. At the point when we notice the term populace, it manages the cricketing crowd that watches and follows the game all through be it live in the arena or on TV. As an outcome, the south Asian country by a long shot has the vastest onlooker base for cricket.

The BCCI just capitalizes on that, and since a significant piece of the watchers is from India, the BCCI appropriately gets its credit. Out of the ICC’s income sharing model, which it produces through the offer of tickets, TV, and satellite rights, a monstrous piece is left for the BCCI. As indicated by legitimate figures, 23% of ICC’s income, goes into the profound pockets of the BCCI. That by a long shot remains the most elevated edge, as just the cricketing collections of England and Australia gains someplace close, with their edge around the 8-10% imprint.


All things considered, the BCCI’s enormous riches hold are nothing unexpected to any devoted cricket fan, as India stays a country immersed in the game. And BCCI is richer than ICC. With angles, for example, TV, the web, and a few other support rights coming into the brawl, this cricketing body has recently amplified its riches. In the years to come, one can anticipate that these edges should be considerably higher, as the adoration for cricket stays at the most elevated conceivable level in India!

People also ask

Is BCCI richer than FIFA?

The absolute worth of FIFA is $ 1.52 billion while the complete worth of Bcci is $ 294 million starting in 2015. But, BCCI is the most extravagant cricket board on the planet. As of 2014, FIFA is worth $1.52 Billion, while BCCI is worth $ 295 Million.

Does the BCCI control the ICC?

Most importantly, the BCCI controls the world game on account of the huge incomes it acquires for the remainder of the cricketing scene. According to The income sharing model of ICC, this year in 2015 BCCI holds the most noteworthy portion of 23%.

What is the net worth of BCCI?

It is assessed that the total assets of BCCI are nearly $ 295 million which generally means Rs. 3000 Crores. The working pay for BCCI is around Rs. 18,000 Crore.