Ping Pong/Table Tennis – How to Play and General Questions



An after-meal sports entertainer rose into an international sports event. Ping pong also knew as table tennis was initially played after-dinner parlor game by the British aristocrats. The native folks of Victorian England were the initiators of the whiff-whaff game that was played just as warm-up physical activity.

Ping Pong Table, Tennis Table Paddle Ball

Later in the 19th century British armed forces kept playing the game often with few revisions. The game was emerged as a fully-fledged sport event and included in the list of Olympic Games by 1988. Before its development, the international table tennis federation was enacted by 1926 that made flying colors of the game.

Ping Pong Kit/Gear

Ping Pong or Table Tennis

The game gathered its unique tool kit filled with tools required for playing the game. Before the development of the tool kit, the ping pong was played on the table partitioned by a row of books that functions as the net. The golf ball was used as the main equipment whereas the books utilized to hit the golf ball.

Once the game finds its development as an international sport, experts invented the Ping Pong ball, designed the racquets with grip handle. The well flourished net replaced the net, etc. Many more revisions and corrections were made to develop the game as an international sport.


The main tool with the help of which ping pong ball is faced is the racquets. Paddles or racquets are blue and red colored on either sides made of rubber material that enhance best stroke every time. The paddles are made of laminated wood over which the rubber material is coated. The rubber coating continues toward handle to enhance good support for the player.

Ping pong ball

In earlier days, golf ball was used to play the spare time sport that is replaced with ping pong ball. The specially designed ball is meant for playing the sport alone. The balls possess specific ratings to select.


The nylon nets are used for playing ping pong.

Table tennis table

This is the platform on which the game played. The table is partitioned with respective net meant for sport.

Sport shoes

Ping pong shoes are definite and more particular about physical comfort of the players. The shoes help preventing injuries if certain.

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Playing strategies to teach ‘’How to play?’’

Here come few passages that teach you the playing strategies and tactics in Ping pong. The readers are beneficial for reading out the strategies. If you are looking for the best coach or partner to play ping pong, then the article would have been the ultimate choice.

The necessary step that you have to observe and follow before playing the sports game is physical comfort or position. Due to the respect to the bodily position alone a player can withstand the game rally and score point. The body position along with mental energy enables the player to give out the best sport. Players must develop the mental co-ordination along with a postural mechanism to hit or spin the ball.

Ping Pong Table Tennis Balls

Spin category theory will help the beginner to learn the serve made. Obvious to the fact, there are four spin types followed in Ping Pong. Topspin, backspin, Right sidespin, and Left sidespin are the spin varieties noticeable from the opponent’s racquet. Beginners are taught to observe the opponent’s racquet to touch the ball only after that the player is allowed to face the serve.

In other words, return serve is made concerning the racquet movement of the opponent that performs the initial serve. The return serve may be compensated owing to the racquet’s spin given to the ball. It is the player who determines the return spin to be made based on the spin serve made by the opponent.

Score table in Ping pong

The score table is calculated and displayed in the scoreboard and the scoring method is determined by the time when the sport is developed with revisions. According to the scoring method, the player that won 11 points is considered as the winner. Or at least the player lead by 2 points ahead of tie break will be considered as the winner.

Ping Pong Table Tennis Ball Paddle Table

The score begins at 0-0 level at the beginning of the match and each player gains chances to serve a couple of times. Every time the service is made, the opponent touches the ball, at an accurate angle, with the table tennis racquet. The score is gained at the end of a continuous rally in other words the player loses the rally spin.

Leading players in Ping pong (Table tennis)

Ping Pong Table Tennis Players Playing

Similar to other sports and games, Table tennis aka ping pong earned world famous. The sport had been originated as entertainment level, though, it has emerged into a new dimension that flying colors today. World-level players are showing great interest in playing the table tennis game. Leading world-famous players in Table tennis are:

  • MA Long (China)
  • Boll Timo ( Germany )
  • Wang Hao (China)
  • Ma Lin (China)
  • Joo Se Hyuk (Korea)
  • Samsonov Vladimir (Belarus)

Below are the questions generally asked regarding Ping Pong or Table Tennis:

Why is it called Ping pong?

The name Ping pong was derived from the Chinese word ping pang qui which means Ping pong ball. The game originated with the name ping pong but later emerged as Table tennis. Jacque. C the English businessman sold the patent rights of the name Ping pong that made the great name change into Table tennis. Another legend narrates in the way, Ping pong is the sound created when the ball touches the paddle to hit away. Hence, the sport is named as such.

What is the difference between the ping pong and table tennis?

The sport was named ping pong but later changed into table tennis. Despite the name difference, the bouncing frequency is also considered as a major difference. Table tennis does not allow the ball to bounce on either side of services however the service has to hit the ball on the table. Ping pong does not possess such rules rather every shot hits on the table on each side.

The size of the ball plays a penultimate role in marking the difference. Ping pong ball measures 25mm diameter but for table tennis the ball size measures about 27mm diameter. The size of the ball is quoted as official that it cannot be changed.

Why ping pong paddles are red and black? What should I look for ping pong paddle?

A unique color combination of red and black colored paddle rubber is used in ping pong. This arrangement illustrates that the red rubber hits the ball faster with lesser spin made by. Usually, the well-trained players hold the red colored rubber to hit the ball on their forehand and the black ones to hit the ball on their backhand.

Ping Pong/Table Tennis Player serving

Is ping pong safe for cats or dogs?

Cat at Ping Pong/Table Tennis table

What is an illegal serve in ping pong?

There are many fouls marked in Ping pong.

  • The player should not hide the ball with the torso; he or she may not shield the ball from withholding the racquet.
  • Other means, the player should not hold the bouncing ball with his or her hand/ arm.
  • Similarly, it is also considered foul if the player holds the racquet in front of the ball before hitting.

The rules are strict and followed while the midst of the game and the player that violate the rule are given a penalty.

Can you lose ping pong on a serve?

Players are offered a chance to serve if the ping pong ball touches the net. He/she may not lose the point unless the ball touches the net and lands on the floor. A point is lost by the player if he/she happens to serve into the net. All these mean that loss of point when a foul is made on serve.

Can you throw your paddle in ping pong?

Ping Pong Table Tennis Crazy shot

What is the mercy/shunk rule in ping pong?

As much ping pong considered, there is no mercy rule or shunk rule mentioned in the rule book of table tennis or ping pong. International Table Tennis Federation announces the rules and regulations related to updating every year. Nowhere else, the term ‘’ mercy rule’’ is mentioned or been in practice so far. A game is considered to end when the player(s) won 11 points lead or if at least 2 points lead in case of a tie. Rather than this, a game can be called if the player shows misbehavior amidst of game.