American Football

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The penalty area is usually how far away from the touch line?

What color cards do the referees carry in a football match?

What is the main color of Brazils national team shirt?

What is the usual length of time allowed for half-time interval in a football match?

How many penalties are usually taken in a penalty shoot-out?

A spot-kick is taken from where?

How many minutes are usually played in a football match?

Which American actor played the goalkeeper in the 1981 film Escape to Victory?

Which animal is also a derogatory term used to describe a slow and/or uncreative player?

Which of the following dead ball situations can you be offside from?

Which of the following is another term for a winger?

Which of these is an informal term for retiring from playing?

In 2019, Lamar Jackson became the second player in NFL history to be named as the unanimous MVP. Who was the first?

In 2007, which kicker broke the record for the most field goals in a single game, with 8?

In 2000, who became the first team to make four first-round picks in the same NFL draft?

Which number did the legendary Jim Brown wear for the Cleveland Browns?

Which team won the most Super Bowls in the 1970s?

In 1965, Gale Sayers set a record for the most touchdowns scored in a rookie season. How many touchdowns did Sayers have that year?

Which quarterback holds the record for the most career interceptions thrown?

How many Super Bowls did Barry Sanders play in during his career?

Which team did the Tennessee Titans pull off the 'Music City Miracle' against in 2000?

You are on the 30 yard line with 4 seconds left on the clock, what do you do next?

What is a player's greatest strength on the field?

Which team won Super Bowl XXV (25) in 1991?

Real Madrid plays football in which European country?