What are the rounds called in curling?


In Curling, each round is called an end. 

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Each team has four players, and each player throws two stones. The team with the rock closest to the center of the button after all those throws wins the end. Knocking the opposing team’s stone out of the house or blocking its path are key parts of the game. This involves intense strategy sessions and this is where curling really turns into chess on ice.


Hog lines are the thick lines that stretch across the width of the ice 21 feet (6.4 meters) from the focal point of each house. curlers who are throwing the Rocks should deliver the Rock from their grasp before the Rock arrives at the hog line. The Rock should traverse the hog line on the far edge of the sheet with each throw or it is taken out from play. 

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Where did hog-line infringement come from? 

As indicated by Scots curlers, the term [“hog-line”] is derived from Scottish farming. In a nation where so numerous sheep were raised, a sheep in its first year of life was designated “a hog.” On schedule, the name came to address a stray, a sissy, the one well on the way to succumb to hunters or to be separated from the herd. Additionally, a Rock that could scarcely make it into the playing region was known as a hog and was in this way winnowed from the rest.