What are the basic skills of kho kho?


KHO-KHO is a two-inning game in which 12 of the 15 selected players compete. The game begins with nine players, three of whom serve as reserves. 

One team takes on the role of chasers, while the other takes on the role of defenders or runners. The active chaser in the game pursues the runners, tags and touches them, and marks them out. In a match, each team must chase and defend for nine minutes twice.

Basic skills of Kho Kho

Giving Kho and Chasing the Runner 

When signalling a sitting chaser to get off square and begin chasing the runner, the chaser must pronounce “Kho.” If he fails to pronounce this term, a foul is called and the Kho Kho regulations are broken.

Fake Kho and Sudden Kho

Fake Kho is a tactic to divert the chaser’s attention or distract him from chasing the runner. The chaser appears to give Kho to his teammates while actually chasing the runner. 

The chaser offers immediate Kho to a teammate in sudden Kho, making it difficult for the runner to avoid being captured.

Choosing a direction

The chaser team member must carefully keep his foot out of the box because his foot will choose which way he will run to catch the runner; else, a foul will be called. 


Diving is a sport that requires a lot of training and practise to master. This is a fairly successful means of contacting and catching the chaser. The chaser then pounces on the active runner and touches him out. Pole Diving is a unique style of diving. In this type of diving, the runner ensures that he has a wooden pole to support him while diving to contact the runner. Players use specific Kho Kho Training approaches to improve their above-mentioned skills.

Essential techniques in Kho Kho

1. If you’re on the chasers’ team

  • Go to the side where you want to catch whom you want to catch and who is nearby. 
  • When you get a kho, always keep your foot in front of you, not to the right or left, but in the middle. 
  • Watch out for the pole trick. 
  • Kho the person in front of whom you are aiming. 

2. If you’re on the runners’ squad

  • Try to keep your distance from the sitters. For instance, try to sit at the back of the group. 
  • Do not attempt the pole trick until you have mastered it. 
  • Use intermediate backgrounds to deceive the chaser. 
  • Move quickly. 

When you’re in opposing teams, you have to watch out for the opposite team.

Sitting Position: Kho-Kho 

The ‘Chaser’ team sits in the cross lanes in 8 squares with opposing backs, while one player stands near the pole. 5. The chaser team tries to catch the fleeing players by passing Kho from one player to the next. 

Equipment for Kho-Kho

Poles/posts, strings, metallic measuring tape, lime powder, wire nails, two timepieces, various rings with an inner circle of 28.25 and 31.4 cm, score shots (such as a whistle), and equipment to record the results are all used in kho kho.