What are the fouls in Kho Kho?


Kho Kho is a game that originated in rural India. It is so popular that it is played in every corner of the country. Although the precise genesis storey of this game is unknown, it is believed that it was created by Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasad Mandal of Baroda. However, when the Akhil Maharashtra Sharirik Shikshan Mandalay conducted a competition in 1928, it popularised it.

Kho Kho is a popular street game that most people have played at some point in their lives. However, most of us are unaware that it is a legitimate event with well-written rules and regulations.

How Kho Kho is Played?

Kho Kho is a game that is played on a rectangular court of various sizes. Its court is separated by a central lane, which accommodates the chasing team’s eight players.

At each inner end of the central line, two wooden or metallic poles (known as posts) are firmly fixed. As long as the chase continues, every defender and chaser must enter and remain within the confines of a rectangle.

There must be two teams of twelve players each. 9 players are presently playing on the court, while 3 players are waiting outside as substitutes. Following the toss, one team becomes the defending team, while the other becomes the chasing team. Eight chasing team players sit in dedicated squares on the centre lane, facing in opposing directions, while one active chaser chases the first set of three defensive team players on the court.

While touching the defenders, the active chaser must follow certain rules, such as running in one direction until he crosses the poles (except Wazir, who is allowed to run in any direction), avoiding contact with the centre line because he is not allowed to cross it like the defenders, switching positions by tapping his nearest sitting teammate with his palm, and chanting the word “Kho.”

Players & Team Composition

After the first three players have been touched and sent out, the second three players will take the court. This continues until all nine players have been touched and sent out, bringing the first inning to a close.

The chasing team then becomes the defensive team, and the game continues in the same manner. Each team must play two seven-minute innings. The points are calculated after four innings, and the winner is decided.

The Goal of the Game

The main goal is to score more points than the other team at the end of the game. To accomplish so, the chasing team must tag as many defenders as possible over a seven-minute period, while the defending team must avoid being touched by the chasing team until the seven-minute period ends.

Equipment to Play Kho Kho

Further than a court, uniforms, shoes, and two poles, the Kho Kho Kho Kho game requires no other equipment. Physical fitness, strategy, coordination, flexibility, dodging strategies, diving skills, and quick reflexes are all required for this game on the court. KKFI: Kho-Kho Federation of India is Kho Kho’s own governing body in India.

Fouls in kho kho

In kho kho, a foul is committed when: 

  1. The chaser is touched by hand after the word ‘Kho’ is uttered. Using a word other than ‘Kho’.
  2. A shoulder line that is turned at a greater than a straight angle to the attacker’s direction of travel.
  3. The assailant retreats. Receding is initiated with the back foot.
  4. An attacker provides ‘Kho’ to a chaser by touching his or her extended arm or leg.
  5. An attacker makes contact with Central Lane.
  6. On one side of the Cross Lane, an assailant begins chasing on foot, but continues on the other side.
  7. An attacker’s shoulder line indicates a direction but is later modified.
  8. Any part of an attacker’s body touches the ground of the Central Lane or the other half.
  9. Changing the Square’s face or leaving it without receiving a ‘Kho’ from the chaser.
  10. Before a perfect kho is supplied, the defender of a fresh batch is pursued.
  11. If the chaser loses contact with a cross lane while giving Kho, i.e. travels beyond the Cross Lane.
  12. If an attacker makes contact with the chaser positioned on the first cross lane from the post and pursues without giving Kho.


Kho Kho is a chase and touching game. This game is played on a rectangular court with nine active players and three substitutes on each side. The game is divided into four innings, each of which lasts seven minutes, for a total of 28 minutes.

There are various rules that a player needs to follow during the game and when any of the rules is violated it is considered as faul.