What are the mental benefits of playing Kabaddi?


Kabaddi is a contact sport that began in Ancient India and is currently popular throughout Southern Asia. It is the official sport of Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Telangana, and Maharashtra, and it is played all throughout the country. Sanjeevani, Gaminee, Punjabi, and Amar are some of the regional Kabaddi varieties in India, all of which have slightly distinct interpretations of the game and its regulations. The following are some of the advantages of kabbadi:

Moral worth and mental health 

Overcome your fears 

Yoga is an important aspect of Kabaddi. The raider must enter the opponent’s court while holding his breath, shouting the word “Kabaddi,” and must do so until he returns to his own court. This is known as ‘Can’t,’ and it is closely tied to yoga’s “Pranayama.” While Pranayama involves holding your breath to exercise your internal organs, ‘Can’t’ refers to holding your breath while engaging in rigorous physical activity. This is one of the rare sports that incorporates both yoga and intense physical exertion. Yoga encourages you to tap into your inner strength, allowing you to confront overwhelming anxieties, disappointments, and problems in your daily life.

Improve your mental clarity

Many of us multitask to some extent in order to increase our productivity. People who can multitask are frequently considered as efficient and competent in a society where the speed of life is often frantic. Proactivity, presence of mind, team management, SWOT analysis, physical strength, crisis management, and understanding the opponent’s tactics are all required in this game.

Pay attention to the details

Agility, strong lung capacity, muscle coordination, mental presence, and quick responses are all required in this game. Taking on seven opponents as a single player is no easy undertaking; it needs courage as well as the ability to concentrate and predict the opponent’s actions. Capacity and practise in forecasting assist you in comprehending the situation and acting fast at the proper moment and with the right decisions. You must begin to pay attention to the tiniest details. It is not possible to sit on it. It’s how top B-schools prepare students for crisis and risk management. In such tight situations, one must maintain his composure, be prepared for any situation, and behave appropriately.

Fighting with the right spirit is important

A strong team leader should be able to assess the benefits and drawbacks of a scenario and make timely judgments. A leader should consider not only his own development but also the performance of his or her team. It’s crucial to fight in the appropriate mindset. In Kabaddi, the CANT has a close association with yoga pranayama. Fast and shallow breathers are quickly excited, according to study, but slow and deep breathers are calm and cool, with a longer lifespan.

The study concluded that in kabaddi, both internal and external organs are worked, resulting in a clear mind in a strong body, which is the ultimate goal of sports. Many physical educationists and specialists have undertaken numerous studies on the relationship between can’t and a player’s performance. Tests on kabaddi and non-kabaddi players have found that kabaddi players have a higher vital capacity than non-kabaddi players.