What are the official rules of Lakhoti?


Lakhoti, also known as Goti, is a traditional Indian game that is usually played by children but is still cherished by adults since it reminds them of their childhood. Playing these is a lot of fun. Despite the fact that the present generation prefers to play inside games or spend time on their phones or computers, this game is still considered an outdoor game. Kancha was once known as a Gully sport, and it was a favourite of many young boys in town and adjacent areas. It has its own set of rules and is played with ‘Kancha’ marbles. The participants must use their own marble ball to hit the designated target ‘kancha.’ The winner receives all of the other players’ Kanchas.

Official rules to play Lakhoti

  1. This game can be played by a group of people. 
  2. All marbles must be contained within a drawn circle. 
  3. Draw a line parallel to the marbles’ circle. 
  4. Players should select among themselves what sequence each player will play in. 
  5. Players should move back from the striking line and come in to hit as many marbles as possible throughout their turn. 
  6. Finally, the player cannot elevate his thumb or cross the line while firing the marble. 
  7. He owns the number of marbles hit by that player.

How to play

  1. To determine who gets the first chance, two lines are painted on the ground, one about half a foot away from the hole and the other three feet away. The participants take their places on the second line and attempt to toss the marbles into the hole. The individual whose marble is closest to the hole has the first opportunity to play. 
  1. Tossing the goli into the hole is one method of play. 
  1. Each player provides two marbles to the game. The first player tosses all of the marbles with one hand, aiming for the entire board.
  2. Of the two marbles, one may fall in the hole while the other remains outside the hole, or both may remain outside the hole. The co-players then choose a marble, and the first player is instructed to hit the chosen stone with a marble that he owns. He will win all of the marbles in the hole if he succeeds. If he doesn’t, he gets the one he hits. 
  3. With the remaining marbles, the following player has his turn. 
  4. If all of the players’ marbles do not go into the hole on the first try, the second round begins, in which the players must strike out of the way of the other boys’ marbles and attempt to push the marble into the hole.
  5. The winner is the player who has the most marbles at the end of the game. 

3. Another technique to play marble is as follows: 

  1. The marbles are placed in a triangle to be played. With a chalk or a stick, a triangle is drawn on the ground. Then, around 7 feet away from where each person tries to hit the marble, a line is painted. 
  2. So you’ll have to strike the marble. Whatever number of marbles you hit, they are yours, leaving less marbles in the triangle for the other players to hit.

4. Another option is to: 

  1. With chalk or a stick, a square is drawn on the ground. 
  2. The marbles have been arranged in a square. 
  3. Each player takes a turn attempting to hit the stone. 
  4. The amount of marbles that the player tries to roll out of the square after hitting is his. The game is won by the player who collects the most marbles.


Although the game has been played in many nations, the rules are made up by the players, and there are numerous versions. A target marble is a common suggestion. Players aim to hit the target by flicking their marbles with their thumbnails. Another variation has players attempting to knock each other’s marbles out of a target zone.