What is a dead stone in Lagori?


Dead stones are stones that have no chance of fleeing enemy territory (exceptions exist). Both players assume that any further moves with the stones will be pointless, therefore they are removed at the end of the game.


One of the teams (the searchers) tosses a ball at a mound of stones in the hopes of knocking it over. The seekers must next attempt to repair the stone pile while avoiding the opposing team’s (hitters’) throws. The hitters’ goal is to get the ball to the seekers before they can rebuild the stone pile. If the ball contacts a seeker, that seeker is out, and the team from whom the seeker originated continues. A seeker can always protect themselves by touching a member of the opposing team before the ball touches them.

Requirements of the game

  1. Seven flat stones which could be made into a pile.
  2. A ball.
  3. A field.

How to play the game

To choose which team will throw first, divide the members into two teams and toss a coin. 

  1. Make a 7-stone pile in the centre. 
  2. The ball will be thrown by a member of the throwing team with the goal of striking the stone pile. He should throw it at a distance of about 7-8 feet from the mound. 
  3. If an opponent player catches the ball in one tip and the stones are not destroyed, the player is out and the next player is called. 
  • If the opponent player cannot catch the ball and the stones are not destroyed, he will be given another chance up to three times, after which he will be eliminated and the next player will take his place.
  • If an opponent player catches the ball and destroys the stones, the thrower’s entire team is eliminated. As a result, the players who are left to throw will not be able to do so in that turn. 
  • The drama begins when the other player is unable to catch the ball and the stones are destroyed. 
  1. The throwing team’s goal is to reassemble the stones in the heap and then cry “Sitoliya,” while the opposing team’s goal is to strike the ball to any member of the throwing team. 
  2. The opposing team is unable to run while holding the ball; however, they are able to throw the ball to their teammates.
  3. If the throwing team is successful in rearranging the stones, they will receive one point and all of their out players will be brought back to life. 
  4. If the opponent team hits the ball to any member of the throwing team, the entire throwing team is out, and the opponent team now throws the ball. 
  5. The winning team is the one that scores seven points first.

Required abilities

  • Throwing the ball; 
  • Evading the ball; 
  • Constructing the stone pile; 
  • Preventing the opposing team from constructing the pile.