What is footwork in kabaddi?


The basic goal of this game is to score points by raiding into the opponent’s court and touching as many opponents as possible without taking a breath. Each player enters the opponent’s court while yelling “Kabaddi! Kabaddi!” and tries to touch the defense players closest to him, while the opponents make tactical coordinated efforts to catch that person. Footwork plays an important role in Kabaddi.

Toe touch

While the defenders are looking for the hand, the raiders have another option: making a surprise touch with their foot to score a point. The raider ducks low to avoid the defender’s hands and attacks their feet with only the tips of their toes in this move known as the Toe Touch. It’s one of the most effective surprise attacks in the game when used at the correct moment.

It’s a flexible technique that necessitates speed, leg strength, precision, and agility, and it may also be utilised to score a Bonus point when there are six or more opponents on the mat. It’s particularly difficult to accomplish since when going for the Bonus, the raider’s other foot must be off the ground, requiring balance as well. 

Frog jump

The Frog Jump is a visually striking and physically challenging technique that involves a raider propelling himself above an incoming defender and utilising his hands to force himself off the defenders back onto safety while in the air. It takes rapid thinking to plot out the escape path, spotting the defender who can be used to pull off the move, and physical power combined with flexibility to allow the raider to execute it off flawlessly. This is one of the most popular moves for avoiding a low Block or Chain Tackle from an incoming defender.

Scorpion King

Whether it’s reaching down to complete a Toe Touch or outfoxing a defender and using the Scorpion Kick instead, being able to efficiently use the span of the leg is an important ability for a raider. 

The raider rotates away from the defender to face the half line for a Scorpion Kick, and just as the opponent expects the foot to come low, the raider curls his leg up backward to gain a touch on the kneeling defender, mimicking the sting of a scorpion. This technique, which is equally quick and effective, necessitates balance, flexibility, and the element of surprise in order to catch an unwary defender off guard.


When surrounded by defenders, the Dubki is unquestionably the only method to get away. The Dubki is a move that requires a great deal of flexibility. It allows the raider to elude the approaching tackle and reach the half line by going underneath a chain of defenders. The raider must first crouch down and then locate the proper moment to unleash all of his force to propel himself to safety, therefore leg strength and total flexibility are essential in this technique. 

Only a few raiders can successfully execute the Dubki in a match environment since it requires so much skill and precision.