What is Lakhoti played with?


Kancha is a popular children’s game in every hamlet, town, and metropolis (Marble Game). Marbles are glass balls of various colours that are known as Kanche (Lakhoti). Goti (Marbles) is a popular children’s street game. It’s an old game, but it’s fresh for a new generation to play and enjoy. 

Kancha is a marble-based game. Glass balls, known as marbles, are a favourite toy among children. It is only popular among tiny boys in small Indian cities and villages as a gully sport. It is a game that is rarely played by females. The player must hit the stone that is maintained in a circle. He will win if he hits the target correctly. The winner receives the kancha of the other lads in the competition.

For boys, Kanche (Marble Game) is a Gully Sport game. To play this Lakhoti (Marbles) Game, you’ll need a real marble, an artificial marble, or a glass marble. In Gujarati, the game is known as Lakhoti, Goti, or Kancha Game; in English, it is known as Marble Game, and in Hindi, it is known as Kanche. There are various levels, such as Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and so on. Various Sections or Parts for playing Marble Goti Kanche at home, on the bus, etc.

Lakhoti is played with

Kancha (Goti) is a game played with glass marbles. The participants must use their own kancha to hit the designated target stone. The winner receives all of the other players’ Kanchas or Marbles. The boy stretches his fingers to strike the Kanche who is lying in the circle or square where he is being challenged.

Rules How to Play Marble (Kancha) Game:

Marbles can be used in a variety of games. A circle measuring around 2-3 feet in diameter is drawn in the ground with a stick or a stone in one of the popular marble games. To begin the game, each player provides two marbles. All of the marbles are gathered in the circle’s centre. A line is drawn around three feet away from the hole to determine the players’ turns. The players take their places on the second line and attempt to throw their marbles into the hole. First to play is the player whose marble is closest to the hole, followed by the second closest, and so on.

​​The players take turns shooting the marbles to play the game. The player shoots by holding the marble tautly in the left hand’s forefinger, then stretching the finger back like a bowstring with the right hand’s forefinger, and lastly releasing the finger so that the marbles fly forward. The left thumb should always be firmly planted on the ground. Players take turns removing marbles from the circle. The marbles that were knocked out of the circle are theirs to keep. When there are no marbles remaining in the circle, the game is over. The game is won by the player who has the most marbles.

Techniques of Aiming 

The stone is held tightly in the forefinger when you begin aiming at it. Then, with the pressure of the other hand’s fingers, it was extended back like a bow and arrow. The goti is then shot after releasing the finger. The marble should be pushed with the thumb firmly touching the ground.