What is the shape of Gilli in the Gilli Danda game?


The shape of the gilli used in a gilli-danda game is a combination of two cones and a cylinder.

Gilli Danda

Gilli Danda is a version of cricket played with a stick rather than a bat. Previously, Gilli Danda was an amateur sport popular in India’s rural areas. The game’s origins can be traced back to the Maurya Dynasty in India. It is thought to be the source of Western sports including cricket, baseball, and softball.

Gilli Danda aids in the development of hand-eye coordination. It also encourages a healthy competitive spirit and improves concentration. Above all, it allows children of similar ages to interact with one another.

Steps followed to play

  1. Separate the players into two groups. Allow either of the two players to serve as captain. 
  2. Toss a coin in the air. The winning team can choose between batting and fielding, but not both. 
  3. Draw a circle with a hole in the centre for the hitter to bat in. 
  4. The batting squad will use danda to bat, while the fielding team will be scattered throughout the ground to field. In this game, there is no bowler. 
  5. The batsman hits the gilli with his danda at one of the tapering ends and smacks it rapidly.
  6. If the batsman hits a gilli that no fielder can catch, the danda is used to calculate the distance between the circle and the location where the gilli fell. The batting team receives one point for each danda’s length. 
  7. The batter is dismissed if he fails to strike the gilli in three consecutive chances. 
  8. The batsman is out if the gilli is struck by the batsman and caught by the fielder before it reaches the ground. 
  9. His team’s next batter gets up to bat.
  10. Repeat steps 1–10 until the batting team’s whole lineup has been eliminated. Add up all of their points. 
  11. The batting team will now bat, while the fielding team will begin fielding. The batting team will follow the same steps as the pitching team. 
  12. The contest will be won by the team with the highest score.


Gilli danda increases skills such as hand-eye coordination, judgement, and calculation, among others. 

Different Techniques for Scoring 

Gilli-danda is a popular youth sport with various versions. In some variants, the number of points a striker earns is determined by how far the gilli is thrown from the striking location. The length of the danda, or in some situations, the length of the gilli, is used to calculate the distance. The number of times the gilli was hit in the air in one strike also affects the score. The total point is doubled if it goes a specific distance with two mid-air impacts.