What were ice hockey pucks initially made of?


The beginning of the word puck isn’t clear. (oxford states “obscure beginning”) 

The different ideas are:

  • from the Scottish Gaelic puc or the Irish poc, signifying “to jab, punch or convey a blow”
  • from the early English word “pouke” which signifies “demon,” “abhorrent soul,” – note; the “Puck” was a devilish Satyre soul in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. He was continually “jabbing individuals the incorrect way.”
  • From the Irish got comfortable Halifax, Canada who were playing flinging in which the action word to puck was utilized A hockey puck is additionally alluded to as a “roll”. 

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Ice Hockey Goalie Pucks


Cutting up lacrosse balls was anything but a manageable practice to help the development of the game, so they expected to track down an alternate method. In the mid-1900s, pucks were made by sticking together two bits of utilized tire rubbery. This didn’t turn out great—the puck would regularly part in two and they never kept going extremely long. In 1940, the previous Hockey Hall of Famer Art Ross improved the plan of previous pucks by making it out of manufactured elastic as opposed to regular. The edges were finished so the stick could more readily grasp onto the puck. This puck, known as the NHL guideline puck, adds to consistency all through the game. 

Today, there are three kinds of pucks you will discover on the ice: practice (or special) pucks, NHL guideline pucks, and the blue puck, a lighter puck for junior play. 


Pucks are kept frozen consistently to debilitate skipping on the ice thus the player may have better control. A group that accepts their stockpile of pucks places them in the cooler for the course of the period. Pucks are pivoted frequently, with the most seasoned pucks being utilized first. 

Hockey puck history 

Assuming you’ve at any point watched an ice hockey game, you know there’s no-ball. 

Ice hockey utilizes an abnormal minimal dark article. It is known as a puck. Hockey players battle for it, handle it with sticks, and attempt to get it across the arena into the net, past the goalie. 

What did hockey players use before the puck? 

As indicated by legends, the primary hockey players were playing with bits of frozen cow manure as pucks. Nonetheless, there is no proof. Other early forms were presumably made out of bits of wood and stones. 

Unique hockey puck: who designed it? 

The principal formally recorded pucks were lacrosse elastic wads of which the adjusted edges were cut. This puck was square. 

It is accepted to have been first recorded in 1875 (during the primary authority hockey match), in 1876 or 1886 relying upon the sources… One says that it was first recorded on paper on seventh February 1876 in the Montreal periodical. 

In the late 1800′ and mid-1900s, they had a go at improving it to make it slide on the ice. Elastic was utilized as a covering. 

Some were 2 bits of elastic stuck together, yet they didn’t keep going long. 

At last, another technique was created in Europe to make level balls: a level piece of wood with a layer of vulcanized elastic. 

It is accepted to have been the motivation for the cutting-edge sport. 

Ice Hockey Player

Development of the hockey puck – normalization and the Foxtrack 

The cutting-edge puck configuration traces back to around 1940. Pucks were then made in industrial facilities. It was a blend of elastic and holding materials just as carbon dark. The blend was formed, cut back, and restored in a stove. Along these lines, they were somewhat normalized for reliable play and to work with the assembling. 

The NHL normalized the puck to be utilized for the association in the mid-1990s. 

During the start of the 1995-1996 season, hockey went innovative. FOX telecom company needed to add interest to watching the game from home, so they made a puck that discharged various shades of light when hit at specific velocities. The light was made with a computer chip and must be seen on TV screens. Shockingly, the players didn’t take to the puck. It didn’t cost equivalent to NHL Regulation pucks, and a $400 value point for something that planned to get slapped around an ice arena wasn’t reasonable. 

Ice hockey Goalie

What is a hockey puck made of? 

Have you at any point watched a game and thought about what a hockey puck is made of?

Hockey pucks are completely made of vulcanized elastic (like tires).
This material: 

  • can slide quick on the ice (it is thick) 
  • can withstand shots without harming 
  • is fun at typical temperature yet doesn’t skip when chilled off 

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Vulcanization is a substance treatment. Sulfur or different synthetic compounds are utilized to adjust the actual properties of elastic. This way you keep the positive: the protection from rust, consumption, and flexibility, however, you fix the non-abrasiveness and versatility of the unmodified elastic. 

Who makes hockey pucks? 

NHL games hockey puck must be made by supported makers. 

Up until now, the significant producers have been endorsed in the USA, Canada, Russia, China, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. 

The acclaimed puck brands are: 

  1. Spalding (USA) 
  2. Emissary (Canada) 
  3. Sher-Wood (Canada) 
  4. InGlasCo (Canada) – official provider to the NHL starting at 2021