Why Do Archers Wear Hoods?


Archery was firstly introduced in the Palaeolithic period, around 10,000 BC (Before Christ). But the earliest people known to have using Bow and Arrows regularly were the Ancient Egyptians, adopting this activity in around 3000 BC. They mainly used it as a source of Hunting and Warfare. Gradually, this concept of Bow and Arrow gained the attention of other parts of the World. But for many ages, Archers were portrayed wearing Hoods. People have many myths about this dressing pattern of the Archers. But only a few were on Point.

Archer Aiming

A short background of The Hoods

Quiver Archer Leather

In ancient times (12th-13th century), people of all standing wore Hoods as a Simple and Common Headgear. Civilians wore it in their day-to-day life as it was comfortable. As being a part of everyone’s attire, hoods were designed to make them more Fashionable in the 14th Century, ceasing to be a simple outdoor garment. Unlike previous ones, these hoods were more closely fitting in shape with a Long dropping point called ‘Liripipe’. These modified Hoods were known as ‘Chaperons’. These Headgears were mostly worn by the people with their Hood down, but some Men are seen to wear theirs Up. Several varieties of Hoods were found out during excavation at Various places, mostly in the European countries, indicating the fact that Hoods were much used and Prevalent in there.

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Hoods are worn by the Archers


Archers mainly wore the dressing they would in their civilian life. Even in Combat, the Archers didn’t wear any armor or other Layers of protection, but rather their daily clothing. And as mentioned above, as the Hoods were a fixed part of one’s dressing, Archers too had the same Clothing pattern. The Hoods they wore didn’t have much texture or designs on them, but instead a small Badge or mark, given them by their Lords, was enough for their identity. But in today’s time, where Archery is a Sport on a big Scale, Archers are not allowed to wear any Hood because of many Safety Hazard. Unlike the ancient times where Archers just wore a normal civilian dress with a Hood on top before getting into war fights, Participants are required to wear a helmet and other Protective materials before Heading on to Shoot the targets in Olympics or other events.

Different People have different Myths regarding this topic. According to some, Hoods are worn by the Archers to get themselves focused on the target with the side view getting blocked by the Hood. Some made other rumors that Archers need to wear Hoods to Hide their identity in Public. Some with the Idea that Hoods were designed just for the Archers to make them Look professional and so on. These are just some false knowledge being carried by people for a quite Long Time. It was just a part of their daily Civilian clothing pattern and nothing else!

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This concept of the Old Age has given much more creative ideas to the industry today. Whether it be a game or be it a movie, the Archers in it are mostly depicted by wearing a Hood, giving them a professional look, helping them keep their identity private.

Why did the hoods in Medieval times have tails? 

Many may have doubts or questions regarding it. There had been many rumors that it may have been a traditional design or may be designed to make hoods more stylish. But that’s not the case. The only motive for such designs was to protect the hairs and the throat of the person, keeping it warm during the winters so that if needed, a person can even sleep on the ground against the cold ground. 

Two archers with hoodies

whether the Archers in that time wore chainmail? 

And if they, then why those specifically? So firstly, Yes. Archers did wear Chainmails as their source of protection. The main reason they preferred Chainmails instead of some other heavy-coated Armour was the fact of Movement. Chainmail was usually light-weighted compared to other armors, providing Archer a speed during the warfare, helping them change their spots and get into position much faster. The only drawback of these Chainmails was their less protection, as they were much thinner than the leather armors.